Quick & easy steps to follow on how to get a job in jojobee.
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Input your name, email, photo and password.

You can use Facebook or Google login to automate this process and make it even faster.

Start looking for jobs!

Immediately after logging in you can begin looking for work. Search by specific categories or keywords.

Once you find a job that you like, click on it to see more details.

Click on APPLY NOW!

Job Profile

You will need to input basic information about yourself for employers to see. You can either click on PROFILE or automatically be led to that section when you apply for a job.

Most of the information is not required but having more detailed information will increase your chances of getting hired.

The app also has advanced features like character reference, skills and work testimonials if you want to make use of these.

Interview / Chat

Employers who see your profile or open your applications will contact you through the chat system, where you can discuss more details about the job.

The system has a job offer system wherein your profile is automatically updated when you accept a job offer from an employer.