Quick & easy steps to follow on how to post a job.
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Create your Account

Input your name, email, photo and password.

You can use facebook or Google login to automate this process and make it even faster.

The Jobs screen

Once your account is created you will be directed to the Jobs screen wherein you can do the following:

Post a Job Opening

Search for candidates

Update your profile

Interview candidates

Company Profile

To post a job, you will 1st need to list your company. Provide your company name, address, business type, info, photo and a 1 time phone verification.

Take note: An account can have multiple companies listed. The same way 1 person can have different businesses.

Job Posting

In posting a job you just need to make sure the essential details are present in your ad post like position, job description, salary, address, etc. Once you’ve completed all the details, job seekers will start applying to your ad!

Take Note: Employers have 1 free job ad post per month.

Choosing Qualified Applicants

Reviewing and choosing applicants is easier and convenient with the large scale UI. Key information is presented clearly at a glance. Scroll to several candidates simply by swiping.

Hiring Workers

Once you have an applicant you can start talking to them by using the app’s interview feature.

The app also has SEND JOB OFFER feature or hiring workers you’ve liked.

Note 1: Using the SEND JOB OFFER feature provides your account with additional incentives.

Note 2: In order to see the full contact details of an applicant you will need to unlock the chat feature using Honey